Limiting Sugar Intake: To Eat or Not to Eat the Cake…

How strict should you be about what food you put into your mouth? This topic comes up every single time we dine with friends or acquaintances and often with family. At almost every dinner party, picnic, pretty much any social event, you can bet someone will comment on what my husband is eating. We have even been on date nights, just the two of us, when a patient of his stops by the table to comment on what he ordered. Multiple times we’ve been in a local grocery store and patients actually peek and comment at what we put in our cart! It is hilarious to see their eyes light up because their doctor is feasting on white pasta or a thick, juicy steak. It’s like they caught him in the act! This is one of the results of working and living in the same, relatively small town.

As a physician, he definitely lets patients know how important good nutrition is on a daily basis. He does instruct some patients, relatives and friends included, that they should NEVER eat certain foods because of a specific health diagnosis. But for the average person, he does not believe you should deprive yourself of one of the finest things in life – food. He is mostly Italian after all, and he LOVES a good meal. But he doesn’t gorge himself and he typically skips dessert, unless it’s a birthday because he honestly thinks it is bad luck not to have birthday cake! He certainly doesn’t waste his time on junk food. You will very rarely catch him eating at a fast food restaurant or popping potato chips or store bought cookies in his mouth. But give him a gourmet meal and some homemade dessert, and he will not refuse.

Moderation is Key

I am the main cook in our house, and I really try to make healthy meals on a daily basis. But being home, I am often a mindless eater and I love fast food, especially Taco Bell which is my major weakness! So to combat this I make sure we have a dinner event or birthday party or reservations at a good restaurant a few times a month so I don’t feel deprived! When I have something a little special to look forward to, it’s easier to make healthy choices. “All good things in moderation – not too often and not too much” is much easier for me than “never again.” Plus I know that if I don’t make healthy choices most of the time, there could come a day when my only choice is to follow a strict diet.

So if you invite us over for dinner, never fear – you don’t have to stress over Quinoa Kale recipes! Although we would certainly enjoy that too.

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