To Gather or Not to Gather

Thanksgiving is almost upon us and I am going to share two of our favorite recipes for sides in case you’re still planning a menu. As you might imagine, in the last three weeks or so almost everyone we know has asked Dinner Table Doctor’s opinion (sadly in the office or on the phone instead of during a lovely dinner) on whether or not to gather with family and friends for the holiday season. Unsurprisingly, his medical opinion is DO NOT gather.

COVID cases are rapidly rising and complications, hospitalizations and even deaths will continue to rise as well. DTD knows we’re sick of hearing this and we all are craving normalcy, but it’s the truth and we need to hold on a little longer.

By now most of us know someone who tested positive and most of those people got better. This makes it very difficult to choose to avoid what seems like such a minor risk. DTD makes the analogy that you could have a few drinks in a bar and drive an hour home and chances are you’ll make it, but why risk hurting yourself and others? Most of us would never take that risk. It’s something to think about.

You have probably already assessed the risk and made your choice. You will either listen to the majority of medical experts or you won’t. (See Experts Everywhere!) Whatever you do, stay safe and count your blessings this Thanksgiving.

This is our corn casserole recipe which is quite common but a definite crowd pleaser. It is from “Angels and Friends Favorite Recipes” published in 1981 by the Angels of Easter Seal in Youngstown, Ohio.

This is a cranberry chutney recipe DTD has been making for years. He triples the ingredients because he thinks everyone loves it as much as he does. Sadly many family members don’t care for it, mainly because he significantly decreases the amount of sugar the recipe calls for, insisting it’s better tart. He plans on making it again this year and delivering it to relatives or saving it in the freezer until we see them. I have written directly in the cookbook in bold letters not to even double it because our freezer is full of chutney for months, but he ignores my note. Try it, and let me know what you think. It is from the Williams Sonoma “Complete Entertaining Cookbook” published in 1993.

Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Happy Thanksgiving to you all as well! I will say you can freeze the excess chutney and use it on a wheel of Brie when you need a quick app and it is yummy!


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