Guest Bathroom Ideas

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If you’re entertaining guests, even family and close friends, a welcoming guest bathroom is essential. Yep – even the toilet room needs a little TLC. If you have read some of my earlier posts, you know by now how important a bathroom is for everyone in my family, immediate and extended. Honestly, when we’re having a large family gathering, I need to make sure every bathroom I have is ready for a guest to use. We’re those kind of people.

Normally I like to make sure that the half bathroom by my laundry room just off the kitchen and the one in my basement are ready for guests, with anything they need to spend some quality time in there. Here are a few guest bathroom ideas I’ve discovered which seem to make a difference for comfort and convenience, as well as a little entertainment.

Main guest bathroom:

The decor in this bathroom was inspired by this tissue dispenser. I bought this several years ago because it made me chuckle and pretty much anyone who goes in there makes a comment when they emerge. To make it fit in, I was forced to add other strange items.

You too can have one of these –Tiki Tissue Holder

This sign sits on the window sill and even though I purchased it pre-Covid, it is more relevant now than ever. I originally ordered this for my son when he was a freshman in college, because I get a kick out of sending “mom-isms” his way. Needless to say, he and his roommates didn’t want to keep it, so it showed up here. Wash Your Hands and Say Your Prayers

Then my son bought me this sign for my birthday to get back at me. Unless they’re visiting, we have no little ones in potty training, but I think adults enjoy also enjoy a lolly for a job well done 😊👏.

I found this at TJ Max and knew it was perfect. I love the look of it, but it’s a major dust collector.

You must have Poo-Pourri or a scented candle in your guest bathroom. No one wants to be embarrassed by any smells they might create while in there. Poo-Pourri is one of the best inventions ever. I even have a travel bottle in my purse for those potentially embarrassing public bathroom poops. You simply spray a few drops in the toilet before you go and any unseemly odors are contained! Poo-Pourri

The single most important thing you need to have in your guest bathroom is high-quality toilet paper. No one wants to wipe with cheap toilet paper that falls apart in their hands, or that feels like rough sandpaper! Even if you don’t want the kids wasting the good stuff, have a few hidden rolls to put in there when guests arrive. Believe me, they love it! I have had more than one person compliment our toilet paper (Charmin ultra soft not to be confused with Charmin Essentials soft which isn’t that soft.) You need to have a few extra rolls readily available too, so no one is stuck in there frantically looking for more.

I know nice toilet paper costs more and also isn’t great for the environment. Ideally, I would have a bidet in every bathroom in my home, but I selfishly only have one in our private bathroom. Now that there are more varieties and price ranges available in the US, I’m considering adding another. A bidet is life-changing and I don’t know why they aren’t the norm here. See my earlier post about bidets here.

Another really important thing to remember is unscented soap. A lot of people (like me) cannot tolerate scented soap. It makes my delicate baby hands itch like crazy and the scent on my hands overpowers any food or drinks so it makes for an unpleasant evening. When I am a guest and the soap is scented, many times I will use the Purell in my purse instead of washing my hands. I like to make sure any guests with allergies are able to use the soap. Clearly Natural Unscented Hand Soap

Lastly, some reading material is nice. Not a novel – you don’t want guests spending all day in there! We currently have a few magazines from the 70’s that my dear brother found at a garage sale. They are very fun and a great conversation starter. There’s nothing like Shaun Cassidy or Donny and Marie watching you do your thing in the bathroom!

Basement guest bathroom:

The bathroom in the basement is mainly used by teenagers. Since it’s a tiny room and hidden under the stairs, we thought it would funny to make it the fanciest room in the house. The lighting is very swanky and the walls are hot pink. The pictures on the walls are copies of famous paintings, but with our faces photoshopped in them. We purchased some ornate frames from the Goodwill and they look very grand, so it’s funny when visitors recognize the faces.

My son bought me this sign too. He knows very well that I have a sense of humor on par with a middle school student. Potty humor is always funny in my book. Poop Rating

This is my gentle hint for the kids to do what’s right, although it doesn’t seem to work… Toilet paper sign

This is the sign on the door to show visitors where the basement bathroom is and let them know it’s all inclusive. Bathroom sign

In both bathrooms we have some easy-to-find feminine products as well as Tums and Tylenol, which all come in handy. Women, especially those of us dealing with menopause, never know when we’ll need sanitary products. Considering that we also have issues over-feeding everyone and talking too much, some of our guests may need to fend off a tummy ache or headache.

That’s a little tour of the guest bathroom ideas in our home. With very little effort, you can make sure guests feel welcome and pampered in your home with simple details put there for comfort and convenience. I know it sounds strange, but adding a little swag and personality to your bathrooms makes a difference when entertaining.

  1. So privileged to have had the use of these charming spaces! You’re host extrodinare in all parts of your home! And I love the humor in all the decor!🤪

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  2. Your bathrooms are literally the most memorable ones I’ve ever been in! I can think back to being a child, and remember finding funny things in there to look at like a scavenger hunt. Even the bar saloon doors on your other guest bathroom were a favorite of mine to see. It all fits your personality perfectly, and they are the definition of why I love our silly family. Thank you for your creativity, your light spirit, and your intriguing potty rooms! We love you 💜

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Leave it to you to have an entire article about poop, I mean bathrooms! Love these ideas and your photos! Thanks for sharing and I ❤️ your sense of humor!

    Liked by 1 person

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