Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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Mother’s Day is fast approaching! Through the 22 years that I have been a mom, I have yet to receive my extremely specific request for celebrating my day: I want a day alone in bed with a pizza, a good book, and television remote in hand. No one seems to take me seriously. Plus, I am lucky enough to have my own wonderful mom who I want to spend time with on Mother’s Day, which obviously involves getting out of bed. But I’m flexible! I always tell my family I can have my special day in bed on another date. Still, it hasn’t happened. I can’t complain much, though, because I have been given many wonderful gifts throughout the years. Hopefully my experience will give you an idea or two if you’re still struggling to find that perfect gift for your mom or wife.

The first thing you need to do when selecting the perfect gift is KNOW YOUR MOM! You have to make the effort to talk to her BEFORE Mother’s Day, so you can discuss her likes and dislikes. Maybe she picked up a new hobby or will mention an event she’s interested in or a restaurant she loves. Don’t be afraid to ask her point blank what she might like for a gift. Of course, if she’s like my mom she will say something similar to “I don’t need anything. Don’t worry about me.” Trust me. Your mom or wife does not mean this! She wants your attention and a sign that you are thinking of her and appreciate her, preferably something thoughtful and personal. Here are some easy ideas from gifts I have enjoyed myself. Most have links, so you can put something special together for that mom you love in no time at all!

Flowers and candy – Simple and can be delivered if you’re not able to see your mom. Always add a thoughtful card as well.

Beautiful flowers with a thoughtful note are such an easy gift, especially if you can’t be with your mom.

These are one of my favorite candies – so yummy but I never buy them myself because they aren’t on the approved high-fiber, nutritious meal plan Dinner Table Doctor promotes…I have to wait for special occasions

Hobby-related items – If your special lady likes to cook, something for the kitchen is appropriate. A boring appliance is only OK if it’s something she always wanted but maybe never spends money on herself. For instance, I love my Vitamix, and my Cuisinart food processor. Both were gifts. I also love a good cookbook. Cute aprons are fun too.

I use this Vitamix to make smoothies and soups and sauces and a variety of other treats. I would never have purchased it myself, but what a special gift! Actually, someone gave this to Dinner Table Doctor as a gift, but I consider it my gift too.

Aprons are great for me because I spend a lot of time cooking and eating and need to protect my clothes. These are not something every woman would appreciate, though, so know your mom before you buy!

If you cook a lot, you need a good food processor! This was actually a gift from my dad and I use it all the time.

As you know from other posts, I also love wine and cocktails, so I always appreciate a bottle of something special. I also enjoy different bitters for making cocktails, cute cocktail napkins, nice wine or cocktail glasses, and anything handy for entertaining, since I normally am not drinking alone! Theme gift baskets with everything you need to make a specific cocktail are great for people like me.

Find out what hobbies your mom or wife enjoy. If they’re fitness nuts, some expensive exercise clothing or shoes or gym membership might work. (Personally I would shoot DTD if he tried this, but every woman is different.) If she loves to read, buy her a book from the NYT bestseller list. If you really want to go all out, tell her you’re reading it too and make a date to take her to lunch or dinner to discuss it. If she is into art, art supplies are great. If she’s into fashion, an expensive accessory she’s been eyeing is good, like a purse or jewelry. Gardeners love plants. You get the idea. A little research on your part will go along way.

A Christmas cactus is a houseplant which makes a lovely gift in lieu of flowers. A lilac bush will make a glorious addition to your mom’s patio. I also love fun flower pots like this one (hint-hint to my kids if you’re reading this!)

Artwork – I love artwork and knickknacks and have them all over my house. I always appreciate both handmade artwork from the kids and special pictures or framed photos. Unfortunately, I’m now running out of wall space. I also adore art pieces for my yard, like windchimes, garden stakes, etc. Handmade items are truly special, so if you’re feeling crafty, go on Pinterest and you’ll see a ton of ideas for all skill levels.

Time -When I asked my mom a few days ago what she would like and told her she had to answer since I’m writing about it, she replied that most moms want time with their family. (Obviously this makes me and my day-in-bed-alone idea look pretty bad!) Seriously, though, I do agree that time with my family, especially when they are doting on me, makes a day very special. This is particularly true nowadays, when so many of us have not been able to spend time together due to the pandemic. If you are able to see your mom this year, that will be a fabulous gift in itself. Any extra items are merely icing on the cake. Make her a special meal or dessert or order takeout to create a stress-free day together. Some great gift ideas, even if they are for future use, include a shared experience with mom. A concert, sporting event, a cooking class, or theater tickets where you will attend together, or a gift card to a favorite restaurant, or a planned day for a picnic are all thoughtful and appreciated. Remember, you have to follow through on these promises!

A fabulous way to connect with your mom is to plan a Hygge night! This is a Scandinavian term meaning “a quality of coziness and contentment.” You create a mood through comfort food and drinks and conversation with good company. This is a fun game we have that really helps, and one of the cookbooks above (The Hygge Life) would go with this theme as well.

We have a raclette grill which I think also goes along with this theme nicely. If you have never tried raclette, you’re in for a treat. It’s basically sitting around a grill with meats and cheese and potatoes and veggies, munching and talking. (Make sure you have been vaccinated, because it’s a cozy eating experience!) Many fun dinner parties will be in mom’s future with these items!

A quality-of-life game changer – Could your mom or wife use a new phone or a computer or TV? These are expensive presents, but maybe you can go in on them with siblings if you can’t afford it yourself. Often moms really want something that could make a big difference in their daily lives, but we hate to spend the money on ourselves. For example, the very best gift I have ever received is my bidet! It has totally changed my life. I cannot believe I spent years without one. DTD gave me a card that basically said, “you’re getting a bidet” and told me he had the plumber lined up and all I had to do was select the exact model I wanted. I was thrilled and I appreciate that gift every single day, sometimes more than once!! The point is, if your mom or wife often says they wish they had something, but aren’t going to make that leap, you could be a star in her eyes if you make it happen. It doesn’t always have to be expensive. For instance, many bidets do not require professional installation and are inexpensive, but still do the trick. Even though I wanted one for a while, I never put the effort into researching the possibility and buying one. When DTD made it a reality, it was fabulous.

My MOM throne!

There are a variety of bidet options from inexpensive basic models to extremely costly ones with more bells and whistles. They all get the job done, so it’s just a matter of deciding what features your mom would like. For instance, this bidet has heated water, which is lovely.

If your mom or wife doesn’t want a bidet (which is crazy in my humble opinion) then think of something else that would truly affect her every-day life in a positive way.

A mom who works from home might need an updated laptop, which makes a very special present. DTD bought me one for Christmas and it has made a huge difference in my life.

Hopefully these ideas and links will help you shine in a special lady’s eyes this Mother’s Day. You don’t have much time, so get on it. If you are a mom and one of these gifts is appealing, share this post with your kids or your spouse! Also, as a special FREE gift to yourself and me, subscribe to my blog and follow me on Facebook and Instagram. Happy Mother’s Day!

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