Inspiring Garden Art and Décor

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Little by little I have been showing my readers how I have decorated my home. Admittedly, the semi-cluttered style may not be for everyone, but it suits me. My outdoor area is similar. What’s great about yard art is most people feel a little braver when it comes to decorating the backyard. Ours is quite an oasis. Although I can’t take any credit for the actual plants and grass and maintenance, since that is all Dinner Table Doctor’s domain, the decorating is all me.

Here are some ideas if you’re feeling like you might like to be a little daring in the backyard. I included purchase links for your convenience, but I’ve had some of these decorations for years, so I couldn’t always find a direct link to the exact item. In these instances I just put something similar in case you’re interested, but honestly you can create many of these items yourself. You may already have what you need on hand, or you could try garage sales or thrift shops. Be creative!

If you have a shepherd’s hook and an old chandelier, replace the bulbs with solar lights and add some unique lighting to your backyard. 12 pack solar lights

An old ladder and some hanging pots – just lovely, but unfortunately at the perfect height for the deer to much a snack… 10-pack metal hanging buckets

Your seating in the fire pit area doesn’t have to be benches and Adirondack chairs. Personally I have a hard time getting in and out of those chairs! In addition to our bench, we have some bistro sets so we can sit and eat and drink our wine while enjoying the fire. Patio Bistro Set

Another idea for an old chandelier or a wind chime – this one is hanging from our log rack, which we only use in the winter. It does not light up, but it definitely sparkles in the sun! Bella Wind Chimes

Our double tete-e-tete swing has seen better days, but it is still a terrific spot to share a popsicle and a deep conversation with a friend.

When we replaced the door to our garage, I couldn’t resist using the old one. I painted it with any old paint I had on hand, covered it with lots of polyurethane, then glued colorful stones to the windows. DTD mounted it on a fence post leading to our path in the woods. I love to open the door on my way to adventures in the woods and to close it upon my return to home sweet home!
Decorative stones, outdoor clear caulk, polyurethane

An ornamental metal arbor is also a cute way to make a pathway inviting. Steel Garden Arbor

Our favorite place to relax! This metal daybed is terrific. The cushions are weather proof and I added a shower curtain in the back and some decorative lights and a wind chime, so it’s my Bohemian hiding spot when I want to read or write. Outdoor lounge with curtains, Solar String Light, Decorative Shower Curtain

Our water fountain really sets the mood in my backyard. The nearby highway sounds kind of loud on certain days, so this is a must-have to drown out the noise of cars. Outdoor water fountain

You can buy art poles, but I had my kids paint some. We used fence posts, then covered them with several layers of polyurethane after painting. They are extra special since the kids made them! Garden Art Poles

Don’t be afraid to hang decorations on the outside of your house! Your backyard area is definitely a place where you can show your unique personality. Decorative Suns

These are just a few ideas so you can add a little excitement and whimsy to your backyard area. Let me know if you try any of them or have other ideas. Send pictures! You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. You can also subscribe to my blog by entering your email so you never miss a post.

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