Lighting a Room With Style

Cool lamps and accent lighting are a cost effective way to elevate décor

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If you’re looking for a simple and relatively inexpensive way to add function and style to any room in your home, consider lighting. A lamp or a hard-wired lighting fixture can be a statement piece, giving a room more character and adding your own personality to the ambiance in your home.

Here are some examples of unique lighting which Dinner Table Doctor and I have collected through the years. You can click on the picture and find a link (if available) to purchase the lamp yourself.

This lamp is in our living room and not only adds a ton of light, but also looks very cool from outside our front window at night.

These table lamps, also in our living room, give the room a mid century modern vibe.

Our overhead light in the kitchen is truly unique and people often remark on it. The only problem is we frequently need to clean the glass shapes because we cook so much!

These lights are in our sunroom. The hanging swag lamp changes colors and is actually a puzzle that was challenging to put together but well worth it. It came with a remote control so we can change it up to match our mood. The rattan floor lamp adds a ton of light and gives the room a homey feel.

This beautiful beehive lamp is in our family room and was a gift for me from DTD, because he knows I like unusual lighting. I adore the pop of orange!

These modern lamps are all in our bedroom, which we recently redecorated. All were relatively inexpensive, yet completely change the bedroom atmosphere. They definitely light up an otherwise dark room.

All of these unique lights are in our basement and make it a fun space to hang out whether we’re playing pool, watching a movie, or tasting some wine.

The light over our kitchen table is very different from the chandelier over our dining room table. The kitchen is part of an open great room space with a mid century modern feel, but the dining room is more isolated, cozy, and traditional. Both have one thing in common, though: the unusual addition of a primate! I perched these on both lights years go and get a kick out of seeing who notices them and comments. Out of the many guests we’ve had through the years, only a handful have said something. Clearly I am easily entertained and have an odd sense of humor.

Lighting is such an easy way to show off your distinct personality and add some swag to any room in your home. Do you have a unique lamp or light fixture to share? If so, find me on Facebook or Instagram and let me know!

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