2022 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Helping moms live their best, healthiest lives with the perfect, non-offensive Mother’s Day gifts

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Living with a doctor definitely has its benefits, but also comes with challenges for someone like me. I am not a naturally health-conscious person. I often tease Dinner Table Doctor about his fiber intake and playfully accuse him of attempting to create a healthier version of me. Truthfully, I listen to DTD far more than I let on, and I actually do want to be a healthy person. The problem is, for me, exercising and eating right is sometimes really hard and often not much fun. I don’t think I’m alone with this. Most people want to live a healthier lifestyle, but many find it a daunting and challenging goal.

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and you certainly want to remain in your mom’s good graces by getting her the perfect gift. This year I’m offering up some ideas for the mom who wants to embrace fitness and lead a healthy lifestyle. Most of these items would even be appreciated by someone like me.

**Caution: Some moms might be offended or even mortified to receive a fitness-oriented gift. As the gift giver, present your surprise with the right attitude. Avoid the impression of “here’s something to get you into shape, because you’re not.” Instead, offer these gifts with “you already do a great job taking care of yourself, so here’s something to make it easier and more enjoyable than ever.” Proceed at your own risk!

Health and Wellness Gifts for Moms

Basic Yoga Matt or Premium Yoga Matt: OK, I actually have a yoga matt, and I honestly think this can be a lovely, completely non-offensive gift idea for a lot of moms. I don’t do much yoga myself, but the matt comes in handy when I’m doing my back exercises.

Wood Wobble Balance Board: This just looks like a whole lot of fun! Apparently a balance board actually works several muscles simultaneously, but it probably can also be a hoot just watching the lucky one on the board attempting to balance. Moms wobble but they don’t fall down (hopefully).

High Density Foam Roller: I use a foam roller for my back issues. It feels great and helps get out all the kinks in my aching bones.

Bala Bangles: These adjustable wrist and ankle weights will help mom make the most of her workout while looking stylish to boot. I enjoy walking and light weights make me feel like I’m working just a little harder.

Workout Belt: This cute, inexpensive workout belt is waterproof and reflective. Mom can safely store her phone or money in the handy pouch and cars will be able to see her, so she stays safe too!

Nekteck Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager and Nekteck Foot Massager: After mom does her strenuous workout, it would be a real treat to have a massage. Just in case you’re not available to offer one, give her these to sooth her aching muscles.

Dr. Teal’s Foaming Bath or Cleverfy Shower Steamers: Mom is going to need a nice long bubble bath, preferably with a glass of wine or a cocktail, after that lovely massage. This foaming bath wash will make her feel relaxed and calm. If she is not one to take baths, shower steamers will provide the same results.

Mom and Me Journals: Let’s not forget about Mom’s mental health. Connecting with the people she loves most is a great way for a mom to feel needed and appreciated. These journals will help her grow even closer to her daughter or son.

Breathe Mama Breathe book: Moms require moments of solitude to relax, recharge, and focus on the good things in life. This book will help her do just that, in short but powerful increments that she can fit into her busy life.

Gift Ideas for a Mom Who Enjoys Food and Entertaining

You now have some great ideas to help that special mom in your life lead a healthy, happy lifestyle. In my opinion, the happy part should also include some items that have absolutely nothing to do with fitness. Here are a few more ideas for that mom who is a foodie or simply enjoys life’s gastronomic pleasures. After all, even healthy people need to eat and have fun.

That Cheese Plate Will Change Your Life book and a Round Charcuterie Board: If you know a mom who loves to entertain, these gifts will put a smile on her face from ear to ear. Her wine and cheese functions will be a hit. She’ll think of you when she’s wowing her guests with an elaborate charcuterie display. Just look at all the healthy fruits on this charcuterie board! (Ignore the processed meat and crackers.)

Oil Sprayer: I have one of these and I love it. I fill it with my favorite olive oil and use it every day. It provides a mist – just the right amount. If I remember correctly, olive oil is one of those good fats, so this is a win-win.

Air Fryer Toaster Oven Combo: I have an air fryer/toaster oven combo, and I use it several times a week. Often I don’t want to waste the energy of firing up the oven. Plus, air frying is way healthier than dunking things in oil. I air fry vegetables, beans, chicken and fish after lightly misting them with olive oil. The toaster function is wonderful too, because I don’t have to smash a slice of DTD’s delicious homemade bread to make it fit in a slot or burn myself trying to get toast out of a tiny slot.

Herb kit: For a mom who loves to cook using fresh herbs, this makes a thoughtful gift. I feel like I’m constantly running out of ingredients, so having them on hand makes me happy! Fresh, healthy herbs will add aroma and flavor to all of your mom’s culinary creations.

If mom is a big fan of Dinner Table Doctor, you can get her an official DTD mug! Pair it with some of her favorite coffee or tea for the perfect Mother’s Day Gift!

For even more gift ideas, check out my posts Gift Ideas for Wine Lovers and Cocktail Enthusiasts, Gift Ideas for a Foodie, and Outdoor Entertaining Made Easy. Happy Mother’s Day to all those lovely moms out there – Follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest!

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